Protest against Uber and Cabify: 6,000 taxis bring Lisbon to a stop

  • ECO News
  • 9 October 2016

Sector's associations consider the activities of Uber and Cabify to be illegal.

Around six thousand taxis from all over Portugal are expected to drive to Lisbon this Monday to once again protest against Uber and Cabify, to highlight the illegality of their activities. Taxi drivers consider these companies to be competing unfairly because they do not need to comply with the same legislation concerning finances, safety or training.

The slow march begins at 7a.m. and will head towards the Portuguese Parliament; taxi drivers promise to remain there until they hear from the Government. Traffic congestion in the Portuguese capital city is expected; therefore, the Police assured agents will be detouring traffic.

Public transportations will also be extremely busy. People are advised by the Police to take the bus or subway. ANA (Portuguese Airports Administration) advised passengers to go to the airport as early as possible and recommended the subway as the means of transportation.