South of Angola will receive €48 m in EU funds

The Portuguese agriculture minister announced Huila, Namibe and Cunene, in the south of Angola, will receive €48 million in EU funds for agriculture projects that improve the livelihood in the region.

EDP’s stocks value falls for 11 sessions in a row

ECO News,

For the first time since CTG's takeover, the Portuguese electricity provider has hit a stock value below the tender offer price of €3.26. The value has been going down for 11 sessions in a row.

Is Portugal doing well? IMF points out six risks

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Despite the very intense growth, the country's economy is not risk free, and the IMF has identified six major constraints - market conditions and protectionism will most likely affect the economy.

Two of the best 30 Management Masters are Portuguese

ECO News,

NOVA SBE and Católica Lisbon have tied up on the 30th spot on the ranking that measures management masters, worldwide. NOVA went down a few steps, while Católica LSBE's rating is improving.

Exports increase 13% in July and imports grow 11%

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Portugal's exports increased by 13% in July, accelerating compared to the previous month (9%), while imports registered a year-on-year increase of 11%, a downturn compared to June (16.5%).

Angolan President will visit Portugal in November

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The diplomatic discord between the two countries has finally healed, and João Lourenço will be in Portugal from the 23rd to the 24th of November, two months after António Costa's visit to Angola.