Changes to immigration rules come into force in November


Among the new measures is the creation of a visa of limited duration that allows the legal entry of immigrants in Portugal with the purpose of looking for work.

Record 3.4M guests in tourism lodgings in August


Compared to the August of 2019, which at that point had been the best year for tourism ever, the number of guests in 2022 was up 1.2% and overnight stays by 2.8%.

PM sees TAP privatisation in the next 12 months

Lusa, ECO News,

In the parliamentary debate, the prime minister hoped that the state would not lose money with the privatisation.

Experts to review five solutions for Lisbon airport


The strategic environmental assessment will include an analysis of the Montijo, Alcochete and Santarém locations for the new airport in the Lisbon area.

Startup Together Price arrives in Portugal

ECO News,

Born in Italy in 2017 and expanded to the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom, Together Price arrives in Portugal after a successful test.

Unemployment stabilises at 6% in August

ECO News,

July's unemployment rate was revised upwards to 6%. It is the fourth consecutive month that this indicator remains at this level.

Opinion Central Portugal, an oasis of tranquility and well-being

Pedro Machado,

The Center of Portugal is undoubtedly an oasis within the overexploited touristic offer of other countries and regions. It is, like I use to say, a true luxury in the 21st century.

Q2 tourist overnight stays in the north higher than Q2 2019


"The overnight stays in tourist establishments in the North were 3,194,089 in the second quarter of 2022, 7.9% more than in the second quarter of 2019," reads the INE bulletin.

Portugal to vote in favour of EC windfall tax


"Portugal supports the European Commission's proposal to create an extraordinary contribution on the profits of fuel companies,"said the Portuguese Secretary of State for European Affairs.

Government offers reduced tax if firms raise wages


The measures are part of the government's proposal for a medium-term agreement to improve incomes, wages and competitiveness.

Portugal attractive to Chinese infrastructure investment


From the perspective of the Chinese report, Portugal is the Portuguese-speaking country with the best score in the sub-index of development associated with the environment.

Agreement with Spain to reduce Douro river flow this week


On Monday last week, around 3,000 farmers from the provinces of León, Zamora and Salamanca demonstrated in León to demand a halt to the release of water to Portugal.

ECB to ‘think carefully’ in raising interests


The head of state called for a "balance" in order "to avoid stagnation with inflation, as there was in the 1970s" in Europe and elsewhere.

Novo Banco may need more capital injections


In the report of this audit of Novo Banco, the Court of Auditors left the alert for the possible need for a new capital injection to ensure the viability of Novo Banco.

Cabinet to approve diplomas for new Lisbon airport


The Cabinet "will approve a resolution that will define the methodology for conducting and deadline on the strategic environmental assessment (SEA), among other decisions.

Public sector surplus of €2.3B to August


In comparison with the first eight months of 2019, when the effects of the pandemic were not yet being felt, the cumulative surplus shows a smaller increase of €1.899 billion.

President pessimistic on economy in near future


"The end of the previous year was very good and the first quarter was very good. The second quarter stabilised, but next year's figures could be much more complicated," he warned.

Country ahead in switch to renewables


Before an audience of teachers, students and businessmen of various nationalities, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa presented Portugal as a country that "is ahead" when it comes to sustainability.

Tourism would be bigger if Lisbon airport has been resolved


When the Tourism Strategy 2027 (ET27) was designed in 2017, it was already expected that the new Lisbon airport would not be ready by 2027, when the aim is to reach €27 billion in tourism revenue.