Mota-Engil and Sacyr will build roads in Paraguay

  • ECO News
  • 25 October 2016

To build these highways in the Latin American country, the contract is worth 1,350 million euros, and the foreseen investment is of 447 million.

In consortium with the Spanish company Sacyr, the Portuguese Mota-Engil and a third partner company named Ocho A will build two highways in Paraguay, brought forward the Spanish newspaper Cinco Días this Wednesday night.

The contract is worth 1,350 million euros, and a 447 million euros worth of investment is being expected. Cinco Días also adds that the highways in question, build and operated by the consortium, will be Paraguay’s most important channel, vital to 70% of the country’s economic activity; 170 quilometres (105 miles) of new roads will have to be build.

The consortium with the companies will allow for the building of two highways: highway 2, connecting the country’s capital city Asunción to Coronel Oviedo, and highway 7 connecting Coronel Oviedo to Caaguazú.

These are the first roads to belong to companies based on a new regime of public and private partnerships in the Latin American country, through a procedure of the country’s Ministry of Public Work and Communication.