Paula Amorim: “We are in line with Galp”

  • ECO News
  • 24 October 2016

The new chairwoman of Galp Energia says they are very much in tune with the oil companies’ strategy. Paula Amorim clarifies she will make no changes in the company.

Paula Amorim says she is in line with the executive committee of Galp Energia in terms of strategy and development. The daughter of Américo Amorim, former chairman of the company, does not intend to make any changes in the company and emphasizes her full confidence in the leadership of Carlos Gomes da Silva. The new chairwoman succeeds her father weeks after he sold 5% of Galp’s capital.

“We are perfectly in tune with the executive committee in terms of strategy and development. It is an executive committee in which we fully trust”, says Paula Amorim in an event organized by Euronext Lisbon to celebrate Galp’s ten year anniversary in the stock market.

“We speak of every process happening with Galp and its conjunctures”, the new chairwoman explains. Paula Amorim says she does not want to change the company: “Continuity is my goal”, since she had been a part of Galp as vice-chair. “Everything will remain as stated to the market and Galp’s strategy will also remain the same”, she adds.

"I stand here as chairwoman of the executive board; I have had a relationship with Galp as vice-chair; I have followed the entire process from up close. As it is known, we have been in the company for ten years.”

Paula Amorim

Paula Amorim points out the Brazilian company Petrobras is “the most relevant partner Galp has had in the last 15 or 20 years”, and that partnership will continue to develop new opportunities not exclusively in Brazil, says Carlos Gomes da Silva without going into details. Concerning oil exploration in Portugal, he added it had to be postponed, because the project is waiting for the licensing approval.