Roger Tamraz confirms interest in EuroBic

  • ECO News
  • 16 October 2020

Libyan businessman has already reached an agreement for the acquisition of Isabel dos Santos' stake but intends to buy the positions from the rest of the shareholders.

Libyan businessman Roger Tamraz confirms his interest in EuroBic, stating that he has already reached an agreement for the acquisition of Isabel dos Santos’ position in the Portuguese bank. But the objective is to buy stakes from the rest of the shareholders, including Fernando Teles, according to the Jornal de Negócios.

“I’m interested [in buying EuroBic], but so far I’ve only completed the block that belongs to Isabel dos Santos, which is only 42.5% of the capital, so I’m waiting for the others. We are waiting for each one of them to decide autonomously,” said Roger Tamraz, owner of the oil company Netoil. SIC reported last week that Isabel dos Santos agreed with the Libyan businessman to sell his 42.5% stake of the bank.

Tamraz also explains the reason that led him to proceed with the purchase of EuroBic. “In the new European framework, coming to Lisbon has certain fiscal advantages and, once in Portugal, one stays within the European Union.”

Regarding the origin of the funds to carry out the acquisition, whose agreement has already been communicated to the Bank of Portugal, the Libyan businessman assured to the newspaper that he has the liquidity to finance the operation, namely through companies listed in London and Frankfurt.