BCP is the best digital bank in Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 11 September 2020

CEO Miguel Maya is "proud" to see Global Finance's distinction for reflecting the commitment of the bank's professionals to the institution's digitalization.

BCP is becoming increasingly digital. And it even won the award for “Best Digital Bank” from Global Finance, a distinction that Miguel Maya sees with “pride” for reflecting the commitment of the bank’s professionals to the institution’s digitalization.

“BCP is particularly proud of these awards”. Besides being the Best Consumer Digital Bank in Portugal, BCP was also distinguished as the Best Bank in Corporate/Institutional Information Security and Fraud Management in Western Europe in 2020.

These distinctions “reflect the commitment of the bank’s professionals to develop innovative and useful digital solutions, while investing in the protection of customers’ information and transactions,” says Miguel Maya, the bank’s CEO.

“Our customers demand an effective, convenient and secure service, and this international recognition is the result of our commitment to make mobile increasingly central to the relationship between customers and the bank,” he adds in a statement.

Besides Portugal, Global Finance has also distinguished Millennium bim – in Mozambique – and Bank Millennium – in Poland – as the best digital banks in these countries. BCP sees these awards as confirmation that “innovation is in the group’s DNA, always at the forefront in the development and implementation of new and effective solutions for its customers.”