New restrictions in greater Lisbon area to stop spread of Covid-19

  • Lusa
  • 23 June 2020

"All retail and service establishments, as well as those in commercial complexes," close at 20:00 in the AML.

The more restrictive measures approved by the Government for the Lisbon Metropolitan Area due to the increase in cases of Covid-19 came into force at 00:00 on Tuesday, establishing that those who disobey will be punished for disobedience.

The crime of disobedience is punished in the Penal Code with imprisonment for up to one year or 120 days of fine.

In a resolution passed on Monday night and published in the Official Gazette, the Government limits to a maximum of 10 people, unless they belong to the same family, “the access, circulation or permanence of people in spaces frequented by the public, as well as concentrations of people on the public highway” in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon (AML).

According to the diploma, “all retail and service establishments, as well as those in commercial complexes”, close at 20:00 in the AML.

The exception are restaurants “exclusively for the purpose of serving meals in the establishment itself” and also restaurants with a ‘take away’ or home delivery service, “which cannot provide alcoholic beverages within the scope of this activity”.

The sale of alcoholic beverages is also prohibited “in the service areas or at the gas stations” of AML.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is also prohibited “in open-air spaces with public access”, except in the esplanades of duly licensed restaurants and bars, which can only be kept open until 20:00.

The law also highlights the strengthening of the operational activity of the security forces and services and of the AML’s rescue services, which, in case of need, “may be reinforced” by “personnel from other geographical areas”.

“Whoever disobeys any of these four rules will be determined the crime of disobedience. The person indicated will be immediately charged.”

The crime of disobedience, provided for in the Penal Code, refers to anyone who does not obey “a legitimate order or warrant” of a relevant authority or official and may be punished with imprisonment for up to one year or 120 days of fine.

AML is made up of the municipalities of Alcochete, Almada, Amadora, Barreiro, Cascais, Lisbon, Loures, Mafra, Moita, Montijo, Odivelas, Oeiras, Palmela, Seixal, Sesimbra, Setúbal, Sintra and Vila Franca de Xira.

On Thursday, the Government will approve in the Council of Ministers the list of offences applicable to situations of non-compliance with the rules of confinement.

At the meeting, the executive will also specify which districts in the municipalities of Lisbon, Sintra, Amadora, Loures and Odivelas are the target of reinforcement measures in terms of civil protection.

At Monday’s press conference, Prime Minister António Costa mentioned a provisional estimate of 15 parishes in these five municipalities in the northern part of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, but also said that this point was still being settled.