These are the seven EU recommendations for Portugal to recover from the coronavirus crisis

  • ECO News
  • 20 May 2020

There are seven European Commission recommendations for Portugal, focusing on health and the economy.

The European Commission makes seven recommendations to Portugal to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic crisis. The Commission usually looked at compliance with the budgetary rules in the country-specific recommendations, released this Wednesday, but not this year, as compliance is suspended.

“Portugal, like all the other member states, faces serious challenges related to the economic, social and health impact of the pandemic,” writes the European Commission, introducing the seven recommendations it makes to the Portuguese government to help overcome these effects and promote sustainable growth. There are seven recommendations:

  1. Take all necessary measures to address the pandemic, support the economy and promote recovery;
  2. Strengthen the resilience of the health system;
  3. Help preserve jobs and ensure social protection;
  4. Strengthen the liquidity of companies;
  5. Promote the use of digital technologies in education and training;
  6. Promote investment, particularly in the green and digital transition;
  7. Increase the efficiency of administrative and tax courts.

In its assessment dedicated to Portugal, the European Commission concludes that “the Treaty criterion on the deficit is not fulfilled”. “However, in light of the exceptional uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, at this juncture, a decision to place Portugal under an excessive deficit procedure should not be taken,” explains the European Union’s executive branch.

The Commission advises the Portuguese government to anticipate public investment projects that are already at a “mature” stage, that is, whose results can be seen soon. In parallel, the State should “foster public investment projects and promote private investment to promote economic recovery.”

Brussels also endorses the pandemic-related measures that have already been adopted. “The measures taken by Portugal are in line with the guidelines set out in the Commission communication on a coordinated economic response”, he concludes.