There is a diagnostic kit to the Covid-19 made in Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 24 March 2020

These "kits" use locally manufactured reagents and cost about 30 euros. The idea is to start with 300 daily tests, but the goal is to reach 1,000.

The Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM) of the University of Lisbon has created a fully Portuguese coronavirus Diagnostic Kit, using reagents manufactured in Portugal and following the “prescription” of the World Health Organization (WHO). The kits are already accredited and, if all goes well, will allow 1,000 screening tests per day, says the Public.

This diagnostic kit was created using the same technology applied at IMM in the Malaria investigation – extraction and detection of the virus – as well as the reagents. Maria Manuel Mota, IMM researcher, expects “in about three days to make diagnoses.”

Initially, 300 tests per day are planned, then 500, but the goal is to reach 1,000 daily tests. The results take about two to three hours. These tests cost about 30 euros, but the IMM is not concerned about that for the time being.