Coronavirus: Turismo de Portugal launches campaign “this is the time to stop”

  • ECO News
  • 22 March 2020

The new Turismo de Portugal campaign was created only by professionals who were teleworking. The video intends to appeal tourists not to leave home.

Turismo de Portugal launched on Friday an advertising campaign called This is the time to stop” with the new slogan #CantSkipHope, with the purpose of appealing to tourists to stay at home due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

The organization transformed the award-winning tourism destination communication campaign known as “Can’t Skip Portugal”, launched in 2007,  to “Can’t Skip Hope”, as an adjustment to the moment of uncertainty in which the society currently lives.

“A message to the world, through a film with images that reflect the best of Portugal, all landscapes, moments, all people and all monuments. So we remember what awaits us if we all know how to wait,” Turismo de Portugal said on the promotional video.

At the beginning of the film, it is possible to observe frames from several Portuguese tourist spots with the narrator recommending that, at this moment, “it is time to stop and look at each other from a distance”.

The film was created and produced by professionals who were teleworking. They also used “images captured in recent years for other films and the voiceover was recorded on a smartphone.”