PS wins elections but without absolute majority

Sunday's elections were won by the Socialist Party (PS) with 37% of the votes.

The Socialist Party (PS) won the legislative elections this Sunday, with 37% of the votes, electing 106 deputies. In second place was the Social Democrats (PSD), 27.9%, representing between 77 Members.

The party led by António Costa had a bittersweet win, because  the votes were not enough to obtain the so desired absolute majority to form a government.

The Left Bloc got between 9.7% of the votes, which got 19 Members; PCP (6.5) 12 deputies, People’s Party (4.3%) with 5 Members, and the green party PAN (3.3%), with 4 seats in the parliament.

Also, the Portuguese parliament received new parties for the next legislature. The Liberal Initiative received 1.3 percent of the votes, being able to place one. The left party Livre won 1.1%, with also one member.

At last but not least, the right parties Chega also got one deputy that will sit in the Portuguese parliament, with 1.3% of the votes.

Four years ago, the PSD/People’s Party coalition obtained 36.86% of the votes and the PS had 32.31%. BE had 10.19% of the votes and the Communist Party managed to reach 8.25%. The PAN obtained 1.39%. However, after the elections,  PS got the parliamentary support of BE, PCP and Greens which allowed them to form a goverment.