‘Vinho Verde’ wine promoted in a €3.4 million project with Italy

  • Lusa
  • 25 February 2019

Portuguese Vinho Verde Wine Region Commission disclosed Monday it has set up a partnership to invest €3.4m with the Italian Veronese Wine Association to promote their brands, targetting Millennials.

The Portuguese vinho verde wine region and Italian Verona Wines have set up a business partnership to invest €3.4 million over three years promoting their brands in Denmark, France, Germany and Portugal, it was disclosed on Monday.

In a press release, the Portuguese Vinho Verde Wine Region Commission (CVRVV) explained it has set up “a consortium with the Veronese Wine Association (AVIVE) to present the ‘Quality, Authenticity and Heritage of Protected Designation of Origin’ programme, targeted at the Millennials”.

The project is 80% funded by the European Union (EU), “within the scope of EU information actions on the protected designation of origin (PDO) products’ quality”.

“The Programme is targeted at the Millennial consumers, focusing on communicating PDO in events designed to promote the wines’ uniqueness, quality and diversity”, the press release refers.

“There will be visits to Verona and Vinho Verde Wine regions, an educational plan for retailers and ‘sommeliers’ and we will be present in the main wine fairs, namely in Germany and France”, it added.

CVRVV president Manuel Pinheiro said that this partnership with the renowned Italian region “is a great chance for Portuguese Vinho Verde Wines”.

Verona wine region includes 15 different PDO, such as Soave, Lugana and Bardolino.