Berry producers look for alternative markets after Brexit

  • Lusa
  • 25 February 2019

Portuguese berry producers are worried about the introduction of customs barriers, which can cause quality issues to their products, and the euro, which may depreciate against the pound.

The Portuguese producers of soft red berries are worried about Brexit and have started looking for alternative markets.

The chairman of LusoMorango company Luís Pinheiro said to Lusa that “the introduction of customs barriers can delay the entrance of our products into the United Kingdom, thus causing quality issues”.

Moreover, the major problem may be the depreciation of the euro against the pound, he stressed.

In 2018, LusoMorango’s production reached 10,000 tonnes, of which 99% were exported.

The UK and Germany together bought 70% of the company’s production.

According to the company’ chairman, the Portuguese producers of soft red berries are trying to boost their presence in France and Germany.

“We see the chance to reinforce our presence in the Nordic countries, as well as in Spain and Italy, and also in Portugal”, he concluded.

In 2018, LusoMorango’s turnover was €54.5 million, which represented a 15.7% rise compared with the previous year.

For this year, the company estimates a turnover of €57 million.

The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union is scheduled for 29 March.