Infraestruturas de Portugal sees revenue ramp up. Toll charges generated €400M in profit

  • ECO News
  • 1 February 2019

Toll charges gave the Portuguese infrastructure management company €392.7m in revenue. Most of which was obtained in highways equipped with the latest technology for electronic tolls.

The Portuguese Infrastructure management company (IP) closed 2018 getting €392.7m in revenue from toll charges alone, which represents an 8% increase in comparison to the previous year, IP reported this Thursday.

Most of the income is a result of the company’s toll service in highways, which are equipped with automatic charging systems. The company justified the increase in revenue with “the improvement in the efficiency of our charging system, alongside a consistent increase in traffic on national highways”.

Also, according to IP’s report “such was made possible due to a lot of campaigning to attract more users to these highways, resorting to changes in the taxes we applied in our tolls”.

The highways which have a “real” toll (A21: Norte; Lisbon) have seen their revenue increase by 8% to €105.3m, which is similar to the increase witnessed in the electronic tolls (A23, Costa de Prata, Porto, Northern Coast of Portugal, Beira Litoral Beira Alta, among others), which reached a total of €256.6m.

As for the sub dealerships it manages, those accounted for €30.8m of the total revenue.