Inflation rate in Portugal is the second lowest in the EU, at 0.8%

  • ECO News
  • 16 November 2018

The Portuguese inflation rate was the second lowest in the EU, standing at 0.8%, right after Denmark (0.7%). In comparison with September, the inflation rate in Portugal fell by 1%.

The annual inflation rate in Portugal decreased in October to the second lowest figure (0.8%) in the European Union and counter-cyclical to the euro area and EU, which rose compared to September, according to Eurostat.

The annual inflation rate stood at 2.2% in October both in the euro area and EU, with prices rising from September (2.1% in both areas.)

In October 2017, the annual inflation rate was 1.4% in the euro area and 1.7% in the EU.

The lowest rates were recorded in October in Denmark (0.7%), Portugal (0.8%) and Ireland (1.1%) and the highest were in Estonia (4.5%), Romania (4.2%) and Hungary (3.9%).

In Portugal, the annual inflation rate fell to 0.8% compared to September (1.8%) and last year (1.7%).