📹Night Summitters networking the night away

  • ECO News
  • 7 November 2018

After the opening session, hundreds of summitters headed to the place where they could finally put their networking skills to work: the Night Summit. And all cats are grey in the dark.

The kick-off for the third edition of the Web Summit in Portugal was not only happening inside the Altice Arena. Outside, by the river, the crowd started moving towards many of the bars and restaurants which are part of the event’s Night Summit, an initiative which aims at boosting networking, in a more relaxed way. A very multicultural, diverse, crowd, prepared to network all night long. Holding their beer, and always ready to pitch their ideas.

In Rua do Bojador, we found people from many different parts of the world: Germany, France, Iran, Oman, the USA, Poland, The Netherlands, and the many more.