Web Summit panels you could not miss today

  • ECO News
  • 6 November 2018

ECO looked at the menu of the Web Summit and figured out which are the talks you definitely cannot miss.

This official opening session was yesterday, but only this Tuesday did the real talks begin. There are hundreds of speakers ready to inspire you in all the many stages of this Web Summit. But these are today’s highlights:

Magic Leap

It has been one of the most controversial products in the market for years, way before it was ever even made available for consumers. In September, these alternate reality glasses were finally ready to use.
Brenda Freeman, the marketing administrator for Magic Leap, talked on the main stage of the Web Summit, this morning. Augmented reality (AR) is an emerging technology and it is believed to come to revolutionize the market.

World Wide Web inventor, Tim Berners-Lee

Half of the world already uses the web, and the protocol which allows you to access ECO’s webpage is the same which allowed Google and Facebook to create their platforms. Since its creation in 1989, the network has evolved and changed profoundly the way how society consumes information. Can Berners-Lee hang his boots, or will there be something else he might still do for the world wide web?
The answer is yes, and he has started the movement #ForTheWeb to help keep the internet safer.

Which European capital is the most innovative?

Athens won the prize, handed in by Carlos Moedas. In 2017 Paris was the big winner, but this year it is the Greek Capital who received the prize for having the most vibrant startup hub, and the most dynamic and innovative energy in Europe.

How can we stop fake news?

David Pemsel, The Guardian’s CEO, took the stage to address one of the issues faced by the media, and society overall: it seems like we live in the age of disinformation, and all eyes are on the media precisely, as we embark on new challenges posed by the fake news which mainly destabilize the electoral processes in many democracies.
The opinion of Pemsel is crucial as he is leading a newspaper which mostly focuses on the digital circulation of news, as it is also in his best interest to find ways to stop this epidemic and increase the media’s credibility.

Lessons to learn for those looking for investors

Venture capital investor Alexis Ohanian is giving a speech about what he would have liked investors to tell him back in the day. He is known worldwide for founding Reddit, one of the most visited online forums in the web.
In a time when more and more startups surge, this is undeniably a key lesson: learning how to catch them all.

Google will plead guilty

Tamar Yehoushua, Google’s product management vice-president, will address the issue of how technology companies can face the use of personal data from their users as to improve the services they are providing, trying at the same time to guarantee transparency in using that type of data.
This year, the multinational was caught up on a cyber attack that exposed the personal data of half a million of their Google plus users. The problem showed that the company had been neglective of the importance of protecting the users’ data, and it was so controversial that the company decided to end Google+, which had a very low adherence in comparison to Facebook.