Metro Lisbon’s workers cancel strike planned for this week

  • ECO News
  • 5 November 2018

Metro Lisbon's employees have cancelled the strike planned for this week, which would coincide with the Web Summit. The company's administration finally surrendered to the workers' demands.

Lisbon’s metro workers have decided to cancel the partial shutdown that was planned for Tuesday and Thursday morning (6th and 8th), with the decision having been backed up by a large majority of the employees, as announced by Nuno Fonseca, in a trade union plenary session held this Monday afternoon.

The workers have been successful in pressuring the administration of the company. According to Público, a Portuguese newspaper, who quoted the head of Fectrans, the workers have accepted a proposal which envisions the enlargement of the collective company agreement currently in place, until 2022.

They were on shutdown asking for better wages, and for precisely for the renewal of the collective company agreement.

As such, the metro will be providing its usual service this week, not affecting the thousands of regular users and the extra visitors coming to the city for the Web Summit event.