EU’s LIFE programme is going to provide €6.4 million for conservation and climate action

  • ECO News
  • 25 October 2018

Portugal is going to receive €6.4m in funds from EU's LIFE programme, whose aim is to support nature conservation and climate action projects at EU level. €3.9 will protect wolves and endemic plants.

Portugal is to receive €6.4 million from the LIFE programme overseen by the European Commission, which is aimed at supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects throughout the European Union.

The commission has approved a total investment package of €243 million for 142 projects to be implemented under the programme.

The largest slice of the funding for Portugal (€3.9 billion) is for protection of nature and biodiversity, specifically for initiatives to protect endemic plants in the Azores islands that are at risk of extinction, and for the protection of wolves.

Separately, a total of €1.1 million was earmarked for a project aimed at reducing the ecological footprint of footwear. Other projects include a water-saving initiative in the region of Évora in southern Portugal, which is to receive €1.4 million.

Since its creation in 1992, the LIFE programme has already provided funds for over 4,500 projects in the EU and in third countries, alongside national funds, for a total investment of around €10 billion of which over €4.2 billion comes from the EU, for the protection of the environment and climate.