Uber already has 3,000 drivers in Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 28 June 2017

The general manager of Uber Portugal spoke of numbers for the first time: the company has 3,000 drivers and around one million downloads of the app in the country.

Rui Bento, general manager of Uber Portugal. Uber/DRUber Portugal already has 3,000 drivers, assured Rui Bento, general manager of Uber in a meeting with journalists in Lisbon, this Tuesday.

We feel we continue to deserve our users’ trust and that gives us strength to continue.

Rui Bento

General manager for Uber Portugal

For the first time, the company opened its doors to journalists in the Portuguese capital city. Bento highlighted the growth of the platform in the Portuguese market, since it has been downloaded by one million mobile devices.

“We are witnessing a set of new developments, and Uber has been more and more used throughout these months. We feel we continue to deserve our users’ trust and that gives us strength to continue”, stated the general manager of Uber Portugal.

On the legislation proposal of the activity in Portugal — which has been sitting in the Portuguese Parliament for months –, Rui Bento hopes the modern legislative framework will be “open and inclusive” and approved “very soon”. “If we believe our participation is relevant, we will, if it is appropriate, exercise our right to have a parliamentary hearing”, he assured.

On the recent news about Travis Kalanick’s dismissal from CEO of Uber, Rui Bento stated the decision wasn’t surely “taken lightly”, underlining, however, it marks the beginning of a new phase: “Travis leaving gives the company focus, time and space to start writing a new chapter”, Rui Bento told journalists.