TAP broadens the Portugal Stopover programme to Faro, Azores and Madeira

  • ECO News
  • 20 February 2017

TAP's Stopover programme was already used by 40 thousand passengers.

The Portuguese airline TAP is broadening the Portugal Stopover programme to Faro, Madeira and Azores, states the airline in a press release.

From now on, passengers from Europe and from any intercontinental flight going to Faro, Azores and Madeira are able to stay in Lisbon or Oporto without any additional costs, within the Stopover programme.

Stopover Portugal is a programme created by TAP, aiming to encourage long-haul passengers travelling with the airline and who are making a stop in Lisbon or Oporto to enjoy the cities and stay there for three days without any additional costs.

The changes in the programme mean that all domestic destinations are now available to clients wishing to stop in Lisbon or Oporto.

"We are inviting passengers who are stopping over to stay and visit Portugal, by doubling the number of destinations through which they can get to know our country. ”

Fernando Pinto, TAP's CEO

“Bringing tourists to Portugal was always one of TAP’s purposes and by including Azores, Madeira and Algarve in the Stopover programme, the airline continues to seek that purpose”, stated Fernando Pinto, TAP’s CEO.

In the press release, TAP also disclosed that by the end of January, 40 thousand passengers had booked their Stopover trips. The programme is associated with a network of over 150 partners, which includes hotels, tuk tuk, museums, among others.

The North-American magazine Condé Nast Traveler considered, back in October, that TAP’s programme was the best option for North-American passengers to have the stopover in their trip.