The Portuguese have travelled more abroad and less inside the country

  • ECO News
  • 27 October 2016

Statistics Portugal (INE) has revealed data about travels in the second trimester of 2016. The Portuguese have travelled less, but prefer foreign countries.

The Portuguese have traveled less in the second trimester of this year, but foreign destinations have been preferred. Domestic travels have decreased 1.4% compared to the same period of 2015, still maintaining its position as the favorite, making 89.3% of the 4.27 million registered travels.

Fewer visits to family members, more vacation and business trips

Source: INE (percentage values)

Visits to family and friends are still the main reason why Portuguese residents travel, followed by leisure or vacations and then for professional and business reasons. However, when we distinguish between internal and external dislocations, we can see the Portuguese travel more abroad when in leisure or vacation (51.5%), then for professional reasons (28.8%) and finally to visit friends and family (18.2%).

Car or airplane?

Source: INE (percentage values)

The most chosen means of transportation has mainly been the automobile – 79%, meaning 3.4 million dislocations. The airplane, more often used in trips to foreign countries, comes in second at 10.7%.

Hotel or private accommodation?

Source: INE (percentage values)

The Portuguese still prefer a second accommodation or family and friend’s houses when travelling. Private free accommodation is the number one staying choice, at 66.4% (5% more when compared to the homologous period), with hotels and similar types of accommodation coming in second, but dropping 6.1%.