TAP wants to triple flights to the USA to 70 per week

  • ECO News
  • 17 November 2016

TAP is, currently, operating 23 flights weekly to the United States. David Neeleman wants to triple this amount to 70 over the next three years.

“During last year’s winter, we had eight flights per week to the USA. Today, we are flying 23 times a week. I want to raise that number to 70 per week over the next three years”, TAP’s shareholder told the journalist at the margins of the Portuguese Hotel Association Congress, in the Azores.

“The biggest challenge will be to make North-Americans recognize Portugal as a destination. In the US no one knows Portugal. It is very hard to find someone who is already familiar with Portugal”, David Neeleman said.

North-America is currently the eight new issue market that most influences the Portuguese tourism.

Neeleman also brought forward that, so far, 30 thousand tourists have stayed in Portugal within the Stopover programme – through which passengers flying to other cities can stop in Portugal for one, two or three days, and have discounts in hotels. On September 27, 20 thousand people that had visited Portugal due to this programme offered by TAP.