Good economic performance puts interests below 4%

  • ECO News
  • 14 February 2017

Ten-year debt interest rates are again lower than 4%, after having reached maximums of almost two years. The data disclosed on the Portuguese economy helped ease investors' risk perception.

Portugal has presented this Tuesday an economic performance that highly exceeded expectations: after the disclosure of the data which prove the Portuguese economy has had a 1.4% growth in 2016, the Portuguese debt interests have improved their downward tendency which made the ten-year rate lower than 4%.

This Tuesday, the yield on ten-year government bonds decreases more than two basis points to 3.981%. Nonetheless, this tendency comprehends all maturities. Five-year rates decrease more than four basis points to 1.991%; in shorter maturities, interests continue in the negative area, having 12-months rate at -0.08%.

Interests decrease as economy improves