Public debt rises but so does the liquidity buffer

  • ECO News
  • 7 October 2016

The public debt grows, but so does the liquidity buffer. Treasury already manages 243.3 billion euros in debt.

The more public debt, the larger is the liquidity buffer. The Bank of Portugal has disclosed this Monday that public debt has risen again in August, reaching 243.3 billion euros. This number, measured in accordance with Maastricht – which considers gross debt – represents an increase of 2.5 billion euros when compared to July’s numbers. Nonetheless, the Treasury deposit values have grown as well, meaning the increase of the country’s liquidity buffer.

As explained by the central bank, headed by Carlos Costa, the assets in deposits have had an increase of 3.2 billion euros. All told, liquid public debt of these assets decreased 700 million, anchoring at 223.6 billion euros.

Source: Bank of Portugal

The Bank of Portugal notifies that throughout August there were 1.6 billion euros worth of Treasury Bills issued, and there was held  a second issuing of Government bonds worth 1.2 billion euros.