Manta invests €1 million in hub located in Lisbon. It wants to hire 150 people in two years

  • ECO News
  • 20 April 2022

In the medium-term, the company aims to recruit Product, Engineering and Sales teams for the Lisbon hub.

The tech company Manta is preparing to invest €1 million in its first hub in Portugal. The global data lineage platform wants to recruit 50 talents in Portugal, but “with the goal of reaching 150 people within two years”. Employees will be integrated into a hybrid working model.

After Prague and Dublin, Lisbon will be the third European city to host a centre of the Czech company, with offices also in New York and Florida. With 1,500 m2, the Engineering and Product Centre in Lisbon will open this autumn.

“At this stage, the Engineering and Product Centre in Portugal aims to support services to other countries. With the specialised talent that the country offers, our main goal now is to recruit, essentially, professionals connected to the IT area that will allow us to increase our client portfolio,” says Cláudia Leitão, VP of people & culture at Manta, to ECO.

The Lisbon hub is the first of the company in the country, but the technology company admits that it may install others in other parts of the country. “It will always be an option. Portugal offers a very rich talent pool, not only in Lisbon, but also in many other areas of the country such as Aveiro, Porto, Braga, among others,” admits the VP.

“Manta’s goal for Portugal is to develop an Engineering and Product Centre of excellence, by building a solid team with highly technical professionals that will allow us to develop our platform in order to bring innovation to our clients,” says Cláudia Leitão.

“There are several development plans for new product features in the short/medium term, for which this team will be fundamental. Our clients are essentially the corporate segment, large multinational companies, with a significant expression in the United States, however our focus will also be to develop business in EMEA,” she adds.

Founded in 2016 in Czechia, with headquarters in the US, Manta is a platform that allows the management of an organisation’s data flows, through data lineage, helping to speed up incident resolution and present and draw a complete map of all data flows.