€1.25B of seven, ten-year bonds auctioned, yields higher

  • Lusa
  • 9 February 2022

The country auctioned €1.25 billion on Wednesday in Treasury Bonds at around seven- and 10-years.

Portugal’s IGCP auctioned €1.25 billion on Wednesday, the maximum indicative amount, in Treasury Bonds at around seven- and 10-years, with yields rising in both maturities.

According to the IGCP – Treasury and Public Debt Management Agency page on Bloomberg, €706 million was auctioned in bonds maturing on October 17, 2031 (around ten years) at a yield of 1.008%, higher than the 0.314% recorded in the last comparable auction on November 10, when €686 million was auctioned at around 10 years.

The demand was €896 million, 1.27 times the amount placed.

Maturing on October 17, 2028 (around seven years), IGCP auctioned another €544 million at a yield of 0.603%, also higher than the previous comparable auction on 9 June last year, when €300 million at around six years was auctioned at a yield of -0.162%.

Demand reached €1.12 billion, 2.06 times the amount placed.

IGCP had announced that it would hold today two bond auctions at around seven- and 10-years, the first of this year, with a global indicative amount between €1 and €1.25 billion.