Government increases number of free Covid tests per person

  • Lusa e ECO News
  • 17 December 2021

Marta Temido admits that the government may increase the number of Covid rapid tests reimbursed by the state. "It is a measure that could move forward next week," said the health minister.

Portugal’s health minister, Marta Temido, said on Friday that the government would increase the number of free Covid-19 tests per person, which is now set at four per month.

Asked by journalists during a press conference on the epidemiological situation of Covid-19 in Portugal, Marta Temido said the measure would go ahead next week.

In the context of the appeal “to a greater realisation of tests”, the executive is considering “possibly extending the number of tests that the government provides per individual,” said the minister.

However, Marta Temido did not give details on the number of free tests each person might receive. “It is a measure that could move forward next week,” signalled the minister.