Out of Volkswagen’s plans, Autoeuropa does not give up on producing electric cars

  • ECO News
  • 15 December 2021

For now, Autoeuropa is off Volkswagen's radar for the production of electric cars. But a company's official source tells ECO that it still hopes to be part of this "transformation".

Autoeuropa was left off the list of European factories that Volkswagen wants to transform in the next five years for the production of electric cars. But the Palmela plant has not given up on being part of the most striking trend in the sector.

“The electric car is already transforming the entire automotive industry, and we all expect Volkswagen Autoeuropa to be part of that transformation,” a source told ECO, just days after Volkswagen disclosed new investments in electrification.

Volkswagen’s ambition is for one in four cars sold in 2026 to be battery-powered. Last Thursday, the company announced investments in plants in Brussels (Belgium), Pamplona and Martorell (Spain) and Wolfsburg, Leipzig, Salzgitter, Hanover and Neckarsulm (Germany).

Faced with this decision, a spokesperson for Autoeuropa told ECO that the Palmela plant still aspires to be part of the car industry’s future, which is electric. However, for now, the Portuguese unit is focused on producing the T-Roc.

“The electric car is important, no doubt, but at the moment we are focused on producing the T-Roc, one of the most successful models of the Volkswagen brand,” the source said.