Alexandre Fonseca: ‘Altice Portugal is not for sale’

  • ECO News
  • 14 December 2021

The CEO of Altice Portugal assured that the group is not trying to sell its business in the country.

“Altice Portugal is not for sale.” This is the guarantee given by the company’s CEO, Alexandre Fonseca, in an interview with CNN Portugal on Monday night.

Faced with the news of a supposed sale of Meo’s owner, Alexandre Fonseca assured that there is no sale: “Our shareholder has already said it publicly: Altice Portugal is not for sale. The asset in Portugal is not for sale,” stated the CEO of Altice Portugal.

“It is a subject that has already been demystified and clarified by our own shareholders, who are satisfied with the operation in Portugal,” Alexandre Fonseca concluded.

In May, Expresso and ECO reported that Altice had begun proceedings to sell its business in Portugal, which includes operator Meo. The group founded by Patrick Drahi mandated investment bank Lazard to find potential buyers. At the time, the company reacted, stating that these were only rumours.