Nos expect 5G licences to be awarded later this year

  • ECO News
  • 10 November 2021

Manuel Ramalho Eanes, executive director of NOS, expects the commercial offering of the 5G network to happen before the end of the year, despite the auction's delay.

“The commercial offering of the 5G network will be available the day after the licenses are awarded, which I hope will happen by the end of the year,” said this Wednesday Manuel Ramalho Eanes, executive director of NOS, during the presentation of the first 5G factory, the Sumol+Compal unit in Almeirim.

For the 5G to arrive still this year, Anacom and operators would have to comply with several formalities before the deadline. When it starts, Nos will make the fifth mobile generation available in all the major cities.

Despite the delay in the 5th mobile generation auction, the company’s executive director believes it is possible to reach 2025 with 95% of the population and 90% of low-density areas covered, as foreseen by the regulator’s conditions. “Considering that Nos did not wait for the end of the auction to do network deployment, these objectives are achievable,” said Manuel Ramalho Eanes.

“Nos’ mission is to lead the 5G era in Portugal. For that we have to have more spectrum capacity, which was guaranteed with the victory in the auction, deliver to businesses and families better 5G network and bring innovation to make the most of the technology,” he added.