EU digital certificate no longer required in restaurants and hotels from October 1

  • ECO News e Lusa
  • 23 September 2021

This new measure was announced this Thursday by prime minister António Costa, after the Cabinet meeting.

Customers of restaurants and hotels will no longer have to present vaccination certificates or negative Covid-19 tests, according to new rules the Cabinet approved on Thursday.

Prime Minister António Costa announced ​​​​​​​the measure today at the end of the cabinet meeting where they decided that Portugal was no longer in a state of contingency from October 1 and would move to a state of alert and enter the third and final phase of the lockdown easing plan approved on July 29.

The digital certificate is required for eating in restaurants, from Friday afternoon and at weekends and when customers check in to accommodation and hotel units.

Underlying the decision to go ahead is that the task force estimated that in the next phase, the country would reach 85% of the population with complete vaccination against Covid-19.