Bars and nightclubs reopen in Portugal on October 1

  • ECO News
  • 23 September 2021

From October 1, nightclubs and bars will open their doors again, upon presentation of the EU digital certificate.

Nightclubs and bars in Portugal will reopen doors from October 1 upon presentation of the EU digital certificate, prime minister António Costa announced this Thursday after the Cabinet meeting.

“From October 1, the country will evolve from a state of contingency to alert and we can allow bars and nightclubs to open, with the requirement of the EU digital certificate for access,” António Costa said.

This measure is part of the set of rules that will be in force in mainland Portugal in the new phase of easing the Covid-19 restrictions, considering that by then it is expected that 85% of the Portuguese population will be fully vaccinated. In this context, the limits on opening hours for commercial establishments will come to an end, as will the limits imposed on restaurants, cultural spaces and family events (weddings and christenings).

Nightclubs are, therefore, the last sector to reopen doors. With their activities restricted for a year and a half, the associations that represent the nightlife sector point out that the losses “are incalculable”, complain about delays in support, and predict 70% bankruptcies by springtime. In statements to ECO, they also argue that the nightlife industry needs support to reopen and that new support will be necessary after the activity’s resumption.