Repsol opens 30 vacancies for the Sines Industrial Complex. It wants to hire 100 people by the end of 2022

  • ECO News
  • 23 August 2021

The job vacancies, mostly in the areas of reliability and maintenance, are all destined for the Sines Industrial Complex.

Repsol Polímeros wants to hire 30 professionals for the Sines Industrial Complex, most of them to work in the reliability and maintenance areas, according to Pessoas/ECO. The goal is to hire 100 people during the last quarter of 2021 and throughout the next year.

Engineers, supervisors, officers and inspectors, in the specialities of mechanics, automation, instrumentation and electricity; as well as process and advanced control engineers for other areas are the vacancies. These job vacancies arise as part of the announcement of the multi-energy expansion of the Sines Industrial Complex, which involves an investment of €657 million.

“These vacancies are all for our Sines Industrial Complex, and are basically derived from the materialisation of the announcement we made last July to expand the complex, with the construction of two new plants, both with technologies that ensure maximum energy efficiency, market leaders and pioneers in the Iberian Peninsula,” Albino Gomes, Director of People and Organisational Development at Repsol Polímeros, said to Pessoas/ECO.

The recruitment process runs from August 23 to September 10 and those interested can submit their application via the Sines Industrial Complex portal or the company’s LinkedIn.

100 people hired by the end of 2022

The goal is to reach 100 people hired by the end of next year. “Over the course of the last quarter of the year 2021 and next year 2022, we need to incorporate for our operational units around 100 people to fill direct vacancies in our complex, among which are those arising from the construction and operation of two new plants, and other hires needed to complement our generational replacement plan,” Albino Gomes explains.

The largest industrial investment of the last ten years in Portugal will employ, in its construction phase, an average of 550 workers, reaching a peak of over one thousand people. Once operational, the increase in personnel will be around 75 direct jobs and 300 indirect jobs. All the jobs maintained and created will be skilled.

The investment in Portugal is related, says Albino Gomes, to the qualifications of Portuguese professionals. “Portugal has showed the capacity to train professionals of excellence. It is with great satisfaction that we have recruited profiles that meet our expectations, also providing them, on our part, with a training and continuous learning plan, which allows them to develop professionally and personally.”

Repsol is committed to maintaining all existing jobs and investing in requalification, to attract and retain talent, generating quality employment with a future perspective, the company guarantees in a statement.

The project includes the construction of a linear polyethylene plant and a polypropylene plant, each with a capacity of 300,000 tonnes per year. The technologies of both plants, which guarantee maximum energy efficiency, are market leaders and the first of their kind to be installed on the Iberian Peninsula.