TAP reduces collective dismissal list to 187 workers

  • ECO News
  • 16 June 2021

Workers identified as potential targets for collective dismissal can still join voluntary measures. In the last two weeks, this has been the case for almost two dozen people, as ECO knows.

TAP is preparing to go ahead with a collective dismissal but is still negotiating mutually agreed terminations. Since it announced the number of potential employees it wants to dismiss, the airline has already reached 19 mutually agreed terminations, reducing the list to 187 workers, according to what ECO found out.

On May 31, the company ended individual negotiations with workers it had selected to leave and was left with a list of people who could be targeted for dismissal that included 206 pilots, cabin crew, M&E Portugal workers and headquarters workers.

Despite this, TAP said that those who wanted to could still resort to mutually agreed termination under similar conditions to those offered. It also reopened applications to fill the remaining vacancies at Portugália. “With this effort, it will still be possible to obviate the need for unilateral measures,” explained the management in an internal communication to which ECO had access.

In the last two weeks, almost two dozen people have joined the voluntary measures. The list for collective dismissal – which can only go ahead on July 1 due to the lay-off that was in force – is now at 187 and could still shrink further.

Nonetheless, the number represents less than 90% compared to the initial figure: the 2,000 “excess” workers the airline had identified when it asked for state aid. On the other hand, the collective dismissal could come after three phases of voluntary measures, which have included mutually agreed terminations, unpaid leave, moving to part-time, early retirement or pre-retirement.