California proclaims June as Portugal month, 1 June as Azores Day

  • Lusa
  • 11 June 2021

Currently, there are about 350,000 Portuguese or citizens of Portuguese origin living in California.

The California State Assembly decided, in a plenary session held on Thursday, to proclaim June as the month of Portugal and 1 June as Azores Day in that North American state, it was said on Friday.

The information is contained in a statement released on Friday by the regional government of the Azores, which adds that the resolution adopted traces a historical portrait of the presence of Azoreans in California where currently there are about 350,000 Portuguese or citizens of Portuguese origin living, approximately 90% of whom came directly from the Azores or have a family background on one of the nine islands in the region.

The state of California and the Azores signed an understanding in 2002, which encourages the development of initiatives to deepen friendship, cooperation and mutual help between them.

According to the same statement, the president of the Azorean Regional Government, José Manuel Bolieiro, has already written to the president of the California Assembly, Anthony Rendon, showing himself, on behalf of the region, deeply honoured by the proclamation of 1 June as Azores Day in the state.

“The affinities that have connected Californians and Azoreans throughout history are stronger today, as the spirit of this resolution demonstrates,” said the president of the coalition regional government.

The cultural celebration and ways of life of both peoples are highlighted by the head of the regional executive, who also left words of encouragement to the diaspora, following several initiatives in the same direction promoted by the vice-president of the Azorean government, Artur Lima, who is in charge of the area, the note said.