Mota-Engil wins €150M contract to build a motorway in Poland

  • ECO News
  • 1 March 2021

The company reveals that this contract "corresponds to the design and build of the motorway S19 between the 'Lubartów Północ' junction and the 'Lublin Rudnik' junction, in a total of 23 km."

Mota-Engil won a new contract in Europe for 150 million euros. The Portuguese company will design and build a motorway in Poland.

In a statement sent to CMVM, the Portuguese company announces the “award of a new contract to its subsidiary in Poland, MOTA-ENGIL CENTRAL EUROPE, S.A., in the total amount of 150 million euros.”

This “project now awarded corresponds to the design and build (rehabilitation and extension) of the motorway S19 between the ‘Lubartów Północ’ junction (including this junction) and the ‘Lublin Rudnik’ junction (excluding this junction), in a total of 23 km, and will take place over a period of 36 months.”

This new contract “confirms the trend of strengthening of the Group’s backlog in Europe,” says Mota-Engil. “with more than 300 million euros awarded in 2021 in this region, following a significant set of new awards in the second half of 2020, ensuring the expectable contribution of the region to Mota-Engil’s turnover,” the company added.