New CEO wants “Galp to thrive during the energy transition”

  • ECO News
  • 8 February 2021

Andy Brown took over the leadership of Galp last Friday and decided to send a message to the workers. He asked for "help" and "support" from everyone to achieve objectives.

As he takes over the leadership of Galp Energia, Andy Brown wanted to leave a message to the oil workers. In a two-page letter, the new CEO sets himself the goal of seeing Galp “thrive during the energy transition,” but also “be a great place to work. But to do so, Andy Brown says he needs the help of all employees.

“When I become CEO, at such a difficult time, I do so with a feeling of enthusiasm, but also with a sense of great responsibility,” Andy Brown said, adding that he feels “truly honoured” to take on the leadership of the oil company but, at the same time, “a little intimidated by being Galp’s first foreign CEO.”

The British man also points out that he feels the “weight of responsibility inherent in leading” Galp at a time when “the greatest changes in the energy system in the last century” are taking place. Thus, he defines as ambitions “to see Galp not only thrive during the energy transition, but also be a great place to work, where everyone feels supported and respected.”

To do this, he says he needs the “help” and “support” of all employees on four essential points: promoting teamwork, looking for opportunities to create more value through new ideas, being prepared to welcome change and looking after each other’s well-being.

Finally, Andy Brown acknowledges the current pandemic situation, in which “levels of stress are high,” and left a message of optimism: “I am confident that after this difficult beginning of the year, 2021 will be a year of recovery (…). This will be an exciting journey. It will be difficult, but rewarding. I hope you are ready for the challenge.”