OutSystems joins Amazon Web Services to accelerate app development

  • ECO News
  • 7 December 2020

A strategic partnership between the Portuguese unicorn and the North American Amazon Web Services aims to accelerate application development and adopt cloud services in scale.

OutSystems and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced on Monday a partnership to accelerate application development and adoption of cloud services at scale.

Portugal-founded OutSystems joins the US company and will provide “deeper integration with AWS services in the OutSystems Cloud.” This will enable clients around the world to “to quickly put to work enhanced DevOps, data and analytics, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), and other AWS services in the applications that make a difference to their business,” OutSystems said in a statement.

“OutSystems Cloud enables our customers to develop their applications faster and easier, while leveraging the advantages of AWS. We will continue to support our customer and developer communities by further investing and optimising our platform as this Strategic Collaboration Agreement provides resources and commitment by both companies to stay focused on providing dramatically greater value,” explained Paulo Rosado, the company’s CEO.

In practice, the blending of OutSystems and AWS allows clients to migrate more efficiently from software to the cloud. “Customers will not only be able to build applications quickly and easily, they can be confident those applications meet the most stringent requirements for scalability, reliability, availability, and security, and those applications will continuously adapt to any changing requirement of the business.”