New Lisbon airport “fundamental for country” – Miguel Maya

  • Lusa
  • 29 September 2020

Miguel Maya, president of BCP, said that the new Lisbon airport is "fundamental for the country."

The new Lisbon airport, planned for Montijo, is “fundamental for the country”, said the president of BCP, Miguel Maya, during the 5th Tourism Summit.

The manager, who said that the country is already late in this matter, referred to the example of infrastructure construction he saw in Asia: “It is our responsibility not to miss this opportunity to do what we have to do to take advantage”.

In a panel discussion, attended by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Rita Marques, and the president of PwC Portugal, Angola and Cape Verde, António Brochado Correia, Miguel Maya also stated that “BCP has benefited directly and indirectly from the [tourism] sector in recent years and it is not this crisis that will drive away” the bank from business in this area.

For him, it is necessary to “distinguish companies that no longer had viability and be selective.”

“We have to understand which companies are in a situation of pulling the country,” he said.

Rita Marques, in turn, emphasized that it is necessary to do what is “within reach to look for the best tourist”, mentioning that the Government was already “diversifying the issuing markets”.

“We want a tourist with purchasing power, who seeks an experience of quality and sustainability” and who returns several times, she added.

Rita Marques also stressed the importance of the “public-private partnership” in the tourism sector, emphasizing, in addition to entrepreneurs, the role of central and local administrations.

Miguel Maya also said he believes that “there is no reason why TAP should not be profitable” and competitive in attracting business to Portugal.

In addition, indicated the president of BCP, “it is good to live in a country with good social protection, but to do so thinking that companies must have flexibility in adapting to a market that is currently volatile.