Portugal’s state of contingency is coming; Prime Minister reveals new measures

  • ECO News
  • 10 September 2020

The country will be entering a contingency phase next week, and with that, new measures are coming.

Next week the country enters into a state of contingency, in what the Prime Minister António Costa calls a “new phase”, and with that comes new measures to avoid contagion. Among the first measures adopted by the government and announced this Thursday are the reduction of the limit of people in gatherings as well as the number of people seated per table in restaurants.

After a Council of Ministers meeting, António Costa announced to the country what will change in the coming days. The main measures announced are:

  • Gatherings limited to ten people;
  • Commercial establishments are not allowed to open before 10 am, with exceptions;
  • Establishments must close between 8 pm and 11 pm, and the time must be set by the mayors of the respective municipalities;
  • In the catering areas of shopping centres no more than four people can sit at a table.
  • Ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages at petrol stations and, from 8 pm onwards, in all establishments (except meals)