Minister of finance wants ‘significant’ minimum wage increase in 2021

  • Lusa
  • 10 September 2020

João Leão has said that next year there should be room to increase "significantly" the current minimum wage (635 euros).

The Minister of Finance, João Leão, has advocated that next year there should be room to increase “significantly” the minimum wage.

“Our intention is, next year, to continue the dialogue that has to be done in public consultation, with the increase of the minimum wage and that there be a significant increase,” said the minister in the Big Interview, transmitted by RTP3 on Wednesday night.

João Leão stressed that “there are sectors that have been very affected” by the pandemic “and that there are “many workers” earning the minimum wage, currently 635 euros, but the government believes that “there must be room” to increase the minimum wage.

Asked whether the increase in 2021 could be at the level of what was applied this year, of 35 euros, the minister stressed, however, that “the world has changed” with the pandemic and that therefore it will be necessary to evaluate the situation of companies.

Regarding public administration salaries, João Leão said that in 2021 there will be an increase of over 2% in salaries due to the progression and recovery of the time of service of teachers and special careers.