KLM reinforces offer in Porto and Lisbon

  • ECO News
  • 28 July 2020

The Dutch company will be operating 70 flights a week to Porto and Lisbon starting next month.

KLM will increase the offer of flights to the national territory, to 70 weekly flights starting next month. In a statement, the Dutch company explains that the supply in the capital will grow slightly, while in Porto it will triple.

To the current 42 weekly flights that KLM operates to Portugal will be added another 28 next month, the company announced in a statement sent this Tuesday. Among the main flights are Lisbon – Amsterdam-Schipol, which will increase to three daily flights, and Porto – Amsterdam-Schipol, at two daily flights.

These are flights that include aircraft with night stops at their respective airports, “allowing early morning departures and more opportunities to connect to the European and international network at Amsterdam-Schipol.”

At the same time, Air France (the French company of the Air France-KLM Group) is offering the Faro – Paris CDG routes, with four flights a week, Lisbon – Paris CDG, also with four flights a day, and Porto – Paris CGD, with two flights a week. “With this offer, the Air France-KLM Group will provide over 160 flights per week to/from three Portuguese airports in August,” reads the statement.

The Dutch company already has plans for the coming months. The current 72 destinations will increase to 91 in August, September and October, while the number of intercontinental destinations will increase to 59 in August and 61 in September and October.