TAP to restore flights to 40% of pre-pandemic level by September

  • Lusa
  • 27 July 2020

Portugal's national airline says it intends by September to restore its flight operations to about 40% of its level before the Pandemic.

TAP, Portugal’s national airline, announced on Monday that it intends by September to restore its flight operations to about 40% of its level before the Covid-19 pandemic, with 66 routes in August and 76 in September, for a total of about 700 flights per week.

“TAP is gradually restoring its operation and has about 500 round-trip flights per week scheduled for August, for a total of 66 routes,” the airline said in a statement. “In September, the company plans to operate nearly 700 flights a week, for a total of 76 routes.”

In August TAP expects to have 18 weekly flights to Brazil, 20 flights to six destinations in North America, 44 flights to nine destinations in Africa, 329 flights to 30 cities in Europe and 126 flights between six Portuguese airports.

In August, Porto will also have connections to Ponta Delgada, Rio de Janeiro, Newark, London, Milan and Zurich, in addition to the Paris, Luxembourg and Funchal routes on which flights resumed in July.

In September the Porto-Amsterdam route is also to start.

That month, TAP plans to have 22 flights a week to Brazil, 30 flights on eight routes in North America, 59 flights to 13 cities in Africa and the Middle East, 498 flights to 35 European cities and 159 flights between six airports in Portugal.

“The list of routes and flights may be adjusted whenever circumstances require, given the dynamics of the evolution of the impositions and restrictions of the various countries, due to the evolution of the pandemic, as well as the evolution of demand,” the statement reads. “Even knowing that the environment on board is among the most sterile and safe from the point of view of contagion of infectious diseases, given the quality of the air and the configuration of the cabin, TAP has adjusted routines and implemented new and reinforced procedures, guaranteeing all passengers a ‘Clean&Safe’ environment at all stages of the journey.

“The health and safety of everyone is TAP’s priority,” it concludes.