Rui Teixeira is EDPR’s new interim CEO

  • ECO News
  • 7 July 2020

After Miguel Stilwell d'Andrade at EDP, Rui Teixeira becomes interim chairman of EDP Renováveis (EDPR). Miguel Setas also replaces Mexia as interim chairman.

Rui Teixeira is the EDPR’s new interim CEO, ECO has verified with sources from the group’s company based in Madrid. After Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade’s appointment as interim CEO of EDP, the manager who will lead the renewable business and the connection to the parent company has been chosen to replace João Manso Neto, suspended from office.

After Judge Carlos Alexandre’s decision to review the coercive measures applied to António Mexia and Manso Neto, suspending the two managers from their duties and preventing them from entering EDP’s facilities, besides other measures, the general and supervisory board of EDP, where the main shareholders sit, formally approved the appointment of Miguel Stilwell as interim CEO and it will now be EDP Renováveis that will choose the interim manager who, in practice, will replace Mexia (chairman) and Manso Neto, who was until now CEO. Rui Teixeira accumulates the functions he has held until now, as financial director of Renováveis.

Miguel Stilwell and Rui Teixeira are thus appointed by the CGS and the board of directors of Renováveis, respectively, as interim presidents. As well as Miguel Setas in Brazil (who replaces Mexia as president). In fact, as mentioned in the statement sent to the market, “The General and Supervisory Board and the Executive Board of Directors met and have decided to designate Mr. Miguel Stilwell de Andrade, currently Chief Financial Officer, to take the role of interim CEO while Mr. António Mexia is suspended, in addition to his current functions.” This EDP’s statement show that Mexia and Manso Neto may return to their functions.