Golf courses can now adhere to the ‘Clean & Safe’ label programme

  • Lusa
  • 22 May 2020

Turismo de Portugal said on Friday that Golf courses in Portugal can already obtain the Clean & Safe label.

Golf courses in Portugal can already obtain the Clean & Safe label, Turismo de Portugal, the tourism promotion agency said, reminding that this is free and valid until April 30 next year.

For golf courses in Portugal to obtain the “Clean & Safe” seal, they must comply with the provisions contained in the “Declaration of Commitment”, which is accessible on the CNIG (the National Golf Industry Council) website.

The seal requires the implementation of social distancing and sanitisation necessary to avoid risks of contagion and guarantee safe procedures for the operation of tourist activities now including golf.

Since Portugal is a world-renowned golf destination, it is very relevant that club houses and equipment also bear the Clean & Safe guarantee, assuming the commitment to comply with hygiene and sanitary safety requirements and transmitting to golfers the confidence that they seek for their golf experience.

With this initiative, Turismo de Portugal wants to provide companies with information on the minimum necessary hygiene and cleanliness measures, but above all, promote Portugal as a safe destination.

The high turnover, with over 4,500 Clean & Safe labels made available so far, shows in a “very significant” way the commitment of Portuguese companies to welcome tourists in safety, Turismo de Portugal said.