“A functioning economy is important for the country’s health” – Mariana Vieira da Silva

  • ECO News
  • 23 March 2020

The Minister of State and of the Presidency claims that the measures announced under the State of Emergency are, for the moment, sufficient to maintain the economy.

The government is trying to manage the balance between preventing the spread of the coronavirus and keeping the Portuguese economy functioning. On the first working day of the State of Emergency, Mariana Vieira da Silva, the Minister of State and the Presidency, argues that the measures announced are necessary to achieve this goal, in an interview with Renascença radio.

“There is a balance between controlling the virus, while life must go on for there to be products in supermarkets and nursing homes continue to function,” Vieira da Silva said. The government’s decree implementing the State of Emergency in Portugal, announced by the president of Portugal, has led to the closure of most shops, but there are companies that can work.

“You need people at work. Today is the first working day after the declaration of the State of Emergency. There are several coffee shops and businesses already closed. It’s a significant step, we didn’t think other measures were needed for this moment because a functioning economy is important for the health of the country,” she added.