Lisbon half-marathon postponed to September 6 due to Covid-19

  • Lusa
  • 10 March 2020

The race scheduled for March 22nd will be postponed until September due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

The 30th Lisbon Half Marathon, scheduled for 22 March, is to be postponed until 6 September due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, with the same participants, the organisation’s source told Lusa on Tuesday.

According to the source of the Portuguese Marathon Club, the race will take place with the same 16,500 entries in the half marathon and the 14,000 in the mini-marathon (10 kilometres).

The postponement of the most popular race in the country, which crosses the 25 de Abril Bridge, occurs one day after the government recommended the postponement or cancellation of events with more than five thousand people, due to the Covid-19 epidemic.