Altice Portugal already feels “some impact” of coronavirus in the supply chain

  • ECO News
  • 5 March 2020

Altice Portugal already feels "some impact" of the virus on its supply chain. If the outbreak continues, Alexandre Fonseca leaves some warnings about the material 'shortage'.

The coronavirus is having “some impact” on Altice Portugal’s supply chain, said the company’s executive president, Alexandre Fonseca. The group has already activated a contingency plan for the epidemic, at a time when the first cases of infection of this new virus in Portugal are emerging.

“No one had expected a coronavirus six months ago.” But the epidemic appeared and, admits Alexandre Fonseca, it’s beginning to have “some impact”, but not yet significant.

“There are already signs that supply chains are getting some impact. We are beginning to see small impacts on the chain that make us believe that in a couple of weeks there may be material shortages,” he considered, in a meeting with journalists in Aveiro.

This coronavirus originated in China and has already infected tens of thousands of people around the world, killing over 3,000. The outbreak threatens to break supply chains, especially those with roots in China. This Wednesday, the Portuguese authorities confirmed the sixth case of infection in the country.