Isabel dos Santos earns about 500 million with dividends in Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 17 February 2020

239 million of Galp Energia's dividends, plus 189 million from Zon/Nos and 66 million from BPI.

Isabel dos Santos’ holdings in Portuguese companies earned her around 500 million euros, Público newspaper advances this Monday.

In question are 239 million euros of dividends from Galp Energia, to which are added 189 million from Zon/Nos and 66 million from BPI (dividends and capital gain, the latter was calculated by Jornal de Negócios). Thus, overall, the entrepreneur received 494 million euros from these businesses in Portugal.

With the presentation of Galp and Nos accounts – Tuesday and Thursday respectively – the daughter of the former President of Angola would know how much she would receive in dividends this year, but with the accounts frozen in Angola and Portugal, and the assets in Angola the entrepreneur may not receive the money.